Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cliff Hillis - Be Seeing You - 2001

Be Seeing You, the debut album from Cliff Hillis, former Starbelly vocalist/songwriter and guitarist for the John Faye Power Trip, apes heavily on the connections easily drawn to other similar acts. While Cliff Hillis is far from a household name, he's built up a reputation for himself in the power pop world by his work with other acts and particularly his songwriting on Starbelly's Lemon Fresh. Be Seeing You sounds an awful lot like John Faye Power Trip or Matthew Sweet, who Hillis cites as an influence, but those similarities aren't bad. Most power pop devotees aren't looking for something radically different anyway, and melodic, well-written, carefully crafted pop is what Hillis has to offer. It's true that it takes a few listens for most of the hooks to set in (apart from the opener, the infectious "Coming Out Alive"), but the repeat listens are certainly worth it. Fans of all of the above will find this to be an enjoyable listen, and it's not hard to understand why. -AMG

If you like "Be Seeing You" get it here!

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side3 said...

Great blog...could you post that Starbelly album? It is very hard to find!

Tommy C said...

Hello. Would you please re-up the Cliff Hillis - Be Seing You?


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