Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wondermints - Mind If We Make Love to You - 2002

During 2000-2001, Wondermints cemented their already direct '60s influences by serving as the backing band for Brian Wilson's solo tours, documented on the concert albums Live at the Roxy Theater and Pet Sounds Live. Upon returning, they went into the studio and recorded Mind If We Make Love to You, a record that ably displays some steady gains in musicianship and expertise from playing some of the best pop music of all time in front of audiences all over the world. As on previous records, the band sparkles simply by playing up their influences instead of hiding them. Surprisingly, though, the Beach Boys inspiration apparently came from their early-'70s phase instead of their classic '60s era; "Ride," with backing vocals from Wilson himself, is immediately obvious, featuring a soulful vocal from the Carl Wilson playbook (first bluesy as on "The Trader," later heavenly as on "God Only Knows") and a progression of short "feels" instead of the usual verse-chorus-verse format. Elsewhere, Wondermints again call on spirits of the past — from the Association (for "Out of Mind," on which Curt Boettcher must surely be smiling) to the Zombies ("Shine on Me") to even the Grateful Dead ("Time Has You") — but any hint of a stale sound is saved by gorgeous hooks, clean production, and an over-all beautiful construction. Occasionally the similarities are to fellow latter-day pop savants like Jason Falkner or even the Ocean Blue, but Wondermints ably display all they've learned during their nearly endless summer of touring with the golden boy of '60s pop. -AMG

If you like "Mind If We Make Love to You" get it here!

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Doug said...

I first heard of Wondermints when a friend lent me their incredible cover disk, Wonderful World of The Wondermints which featured such diverse songs as The Porpoise Song (Monkees) to Darling (Stories) with a stop in between to Bacharach's Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

The range of interpretations was incredible! Their version of the Brian Wilson penned Guess I'm Dumb (originally recorded by Glenn Campbell!) is off the chart!

Of course I went out and got all their other CD's as they became available.

Why just yesterday my iPod shuffled into Ride (from Mind If We Make Love To You), a brilliant, 70's Beach Boys influenced piece of genius!

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks for the hard work you do- I enjoy your blog!

Gyro1966 said...

Hi- If you have "Wonderful World", would you mind sharing it? It's very hard to find now! Thanks.


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