Saturday, April 26, 2008

Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix - 1995

Without casting off its basic approach, Teenage Fanclub (now including new drummer Paul Quinn) transformed itself into a Byrdsy/Beatlesque country-rock combo on Grand Prix. Completing an organic progression that leaves the group just on the other side of a crucial line in the stylistic sand, the enticing album tones everything down — sounds and emotions. The production is occasionally conspicuous, and the record lets the energy lag in spots, but it's a largely successful course adjustment. With McGinley, Love and Blake each writing a third of the songs, the diverse album takes cues from all sorts of eras and idioms; for every strong country leaning (the Revolver-ish "About You," the Chiltonesque "Neil Jung," the acoustic "Say No"), there's a more familiar-sounding pop number (the swoony "I'll Make It Clear," the daring "Verisimilitude," the rousing "Don't Look Back") and something unprecedented (the piano-based "Tears," the ripping/whispering "Hardcore/Ballad").-[Ira Robbins/Matthew Kaplan] Trouser Press

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Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix - 1995
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