Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Shimshaws - Subcutaneous - 2004

An amazing CD, arriving out of the blue, looking no different than any other---but *sounding* like something else, something that will ingrain long term memory inside its many beguiling and piquant melodies. It`s an interesting blend of classic power pop, rootsy pop and jangly Americana. Don`t let the last one scare you, pop fans, if yr not into the whole No Depression thing...this is all about well-crafted pop. We`re talking a wide range of coolness.....Bill Lloyd, Richard X. Heyman, The Reivers, The dB`s and "Dear 23"-era The Posies(quite a bit) but also Steve Earle and John Hiatt, you`ll hear in new context. Unpretentious melody, spirited hooks drive the entire CD from start to finish, this is jangle-roots-pop of the highest sort and The Shimshaws` alluring and fetching grasp of melody and illustrious hooks will leave many picking this up dropping us a line and say "Yo, many thanks!". Which brings us full circle: This is what Not Lame is all about. Extremely Highly Recommended.- Not Lame

If you liked "Subcutaneous" get it here!

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