Friday, April 25, 2008

Richard Lloyd - Alchemy - 1979

Shortly after Television's first finish, lead guitarist Richard Lloyd stepped out from Tom Verlaine's shadow with Alchemy, a gem of a solo album. Singing lead on ten of his own songs, Lloyd — backed by Television bassist Fred Smith, Jim Mastro of the Bongos and other New York scenesters — spins a beautiful, understated web. On his own, Lloyd, whose guitar skills remain beyond reproach, also proves himself to be a fine songwriter, a limited but engaging vocalist and a relaxed team player who never hogs the spotlight. The material (especially the wonderful title track and the stirringly pretty "Misty Eyes") is in the melodic, sensitive vein of late-period Television, minus Verlaine's rough edges and manic intensity.-Trouser Press [Ira Robbins]

If you like "Alchemy" get it here!

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