Saturday, April 19, 2008

P. Hux - Deluxe - 1995

Parthenon Huxley, aka P. Hux, has been dubbed a "pop visionary", "rock's most underrated pop genius", a songwriting "master" as well as the guy with the "monumental name." Call him whatever, the singer/guitarist just wants to make memorable music. P. Hux has recorded eight full-length albums

As a member of other bands, P. Hux has contributed as writer and producer to three albums: The Blazers "How To Rock"; VeG "VeG"; and The Orchestra "No Rewind." VeG was called "marvelous stuff" by Mojo Magazine and No Rewind has been recognized as a more than worthy member of the ELO pantheon. Huxley performs live as a solo artist; with his three-piece band (also called P. Hux); and with The Orchestra, the group he joined in 1998 that includes three original members of ELO. As guitarist and singer with The Orchestra, Huxley has played some of the world's great stages (Royal Albert Hall among them) in more than twenty countries.

Parthenon Huxley is a true craftsman, an artist that the ability to make the spine tingle, to trigger a tear, to move a dusty part of the human soul and, just as easily, rock you skyward, launch the listener off the couch and grab the person next to you and scream "LISTEN TO THIS!!". He's a treasure and you just do not want to miss out on any of his music and, right now, this is the one to take fully in!-NotLame Recording Company

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Mister B said...

This is an incredible album! I've had it for years. Speaking of which, you've got the release date wrong on this one. This originally came out in 1995.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for the amendmen mister b. It is good to know that someonr is paying attention when I fall asleep at the wheel. Keep checking back and keep on commenting!

Curty Ray said...



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