Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Material Issue - International Pop Overthrow - 1991

Material Issue were on the great shining lights in the power pop scene in the early 90`s when there was not much to it. This debut was their best selling(supposedly sold 300,000).
MI married the tight and melodic commercial appeal of acts like Cheap Trick and the Knack with the jangly guitars and cockiness of early-`90s Britpop. "4 1/2 stars... singer/songwriter and guitarist Ellison and partners Ted Ansani on bass and Mike Zelenko on drums sound like power pop classicists, worshiping at the altar of Big Star, the Raspberries, and the Scruffs, though Ellison`s melodies are leaner and more direct than those of his obvious inspirations, and his willingness to turn up the tempos and let the guitars distort reminds all listeners that punk influenced good pop as much as pop influenced good punk.. he production by Jeff Murphy (whose band Shoes was doubtless another key influence on MI`s sound) is clean and uncluttered, but maybe a bit too much so -- while nothing gets in the band`s way, the group rarely displays as much power as it deserves, and the boomy sound could stand to be balanced with a bit more top-end crunch. But anyone who was looking for the future of power pop in 1991 might well have imagined these guys were it, and not without reason -- International Pop Overthrow is smart, hooky, and not afraid to sound edgy or let the amps go into the red."-AMG

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