Friday, April 18, 2008

The Only Ones - Special View - 1979

Led by singer/songwriter Peter Perrett, England's Only Ones combined the energy of the punk movement and a more traditional sense of rock craft, with Perrett singing his goodnatured tortured-romantic lyrics in a distinctive (and not unpleasant) whine. The quartet's mix of youthful spunk and seasoned experience (drummer Mike Kellie was a member of Spooky Tooth and bassist Alan Mair's résumé stretched back to the early '60s) helped gain the Only Ones quick prominence, but only one song — the much-covered "Another Girl, Another Planet" — earned the highly touted group any lasting acclaim.

Special View picks tracks off their first two albums, Even Serpents Shine (CBS) 1978 and The Only Ones (CBS) 1978 and adds the two sides of the band's self-released 1977 debut single for an introductory lesson in The Only Ones' early oeuvre.-[Ira Robbins / Scott Schinder] Trouser Press

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