Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fags - Light 'em Up - 2006

Don't Let the Name Fool You...

If Cheap Trick and Butch Walker had a musical love child, the end result would have to sound an awful lot like The Fags. The members of this Detroit trio have been around the block more than a few times: frontman/guitarist John ‘Speck’ Liccardello did major label stints with the bands Hoarse and Paw, bassist Tim Patalan has produced countless albums for bands such as Lovedrug, Fretblanket and Watershed, and drummer Jimmy Paluzzi’s seen time in Hoarse, Sponge and the Orbitsuns, amongst many others.

The band members’ storied musical backgrounds reflect in the fact that nary a note is misplaced throughout Light ‘Em Up. Screw em, screw pop-punk – this is pop-rock at its finest, with emphasis on the ‘rock’. The Fags have hooks in spades, but there’s not much candy-coating poured over these guitars to help them go down sweetly.

If you like "Light 'em Up" get it here

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Anonymous said...

If you never checked this album out -- give it a listen.

This is just a fantastic debut from a Detroit Rock City band...


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