Saturday, April 19, 2008

The dB'S - Like This - 1984

Stands for Decibels..
" Like This was a departure from the band`s previous albums, as it was treated to production from Chris Butler (Tin Huey, Waitresses) that sent the music booming with trademarks of the time: shimmering synthesizers, moaning male choruses, echo washes, loud drum mixes. But even in this sonic hall of mirrors, it`s Holsapple`s songs that stand out--check the heartbreaking "Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)," giddy "A Spy in the House of Love" and country-tinged "Amplifier." It wouldn`t be long before R.E.M. took the jangle-pop crown but these forbearers definitely helped lay the groundwork."-Harp. "From the opening notes of "Love Is for Lovers," this is obviously no ordinary dB`s record. The group, now pared down to a trio fronted by Peter Holsapple, have stripped away the arty quirks of the first two albums, opting instead for straight-ahead, rootsy rockers and country-rock romps. Amid the more muscular, guitar-based sound, Holsapple turns in his same instantly endearing melodies, especially on the album highlight, "Lonely Is as Lonely Does," their most beautiful song to date."-AMG

If you like "Like This" get it here!
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Lorelei said...

You're a god(dess) among (wo)men for posting this. I have it on cassette...SOMEwhere. I was dreading digging through old crates just to hear two songs that have been driving me crazy for days (persistent earworms).



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