Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheepskates - It Wings Above - 1988

The Cheepskates' "It Wings Above" is rooted in some of the same 1960s rock that informed their early work, but also has a somewhat more modern power pop and alt-rock sensibility. One of the chief traits distinguishing this from other retro-sounding groups is the light and winsome tonality of Shane Faubert's lead vocals, which contrasts heavily with the generic snot-brat garage attitude many revivalist-style combos adopt. There's a little bit of a surf thrust to the tempo and percussive drive of some of the tunes, which are generally airy and peppy love tunes. It's not a major accomplishment, but it's fairly pleasant pop-rock that's neither insipid nor crude.-AMG[Richie Unterberger]

If you like "It Wings Above" get it here!

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Todd said...

Hi Curty!
I love that you're helping me fill my "Shake Some Action" top 200 list.

I'm getting that same message form rapidshare again.

Curty Ray said...

Again I am sorry, I will bee more careful from here on out. THANKS for checking out my stuff. Let me know if there is anything else I can post for you,


Anonymous said...

Hey Curty, thanks so much for posting this. Great band. Could you please post up their 1987 album 'Remember'?, if you have it that is.

Would be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much,


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