Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheepskates - It Wings Above - 1988

The Cheepskates' "It Wings Above" is rooted in some of the same 1960s rock that informed their early work, but also has a somewhat more modern power pop and alt-rock sensibility. One of the chief traits distinguishing this from other retro-sounding groups is the light and winsome tonality of Shane Faubert's lead vocals, which contrasts heavily with the generic snot-brat garage attitude many revivalist-style combos adopt. There's a little bit of a surf thrust to the tempo and percussive drive of some of the tunes, which are generally airy and peppy love tunes. It's not a major accomplishment, but it's fairly pleasant pop-rock that's neither insipid nor crude.-AMG[Richie Unterberger]

If you like "It Wings Above" get it here!

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