Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Wellingtons - Keeping Up With The Wellingtons - 2005

Australian import and boy is this going to have tongues wagging we hope. This one is classic Not Lame territory. Sounding like a squeeky clean version of The Shazam in many spots, but also a long list of classic pop sounds familiar to the Not Lamer: Bleu, the Churchills, Ike, The Argument and Sun Sawed In 1/2. There`s plenty of "Bellybutton"-era Jellyfish slipping in here, too. The 10 perfect pop nuggets here are ridiculously catchy throwing dream harmonies and hooks all over the place. Each song is melodic and memorable because they are sweetly wrapped up with arrangements that keep it all both fresh and accessible. "Keeping Up With The Wellingtons" is a stunningly well-rounded, consistently hook-driven affair, w/ power pop melodies exploding in every corner of each song. - Not Lame


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Shriner said...

I think the link is to something else...

Curty Ray said...

Link is repaired

Carolina said...

I love this band! In Transit was one of my favourite albums of 2011.


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