Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Silver Seas - Starry Gazey Pie - 2004

Daniel Tashian (vocals, guitar) was already an established solo artist when he enlisted the help of producer/keyboardist Jason Lehning to fashion the '70s-inspired classic pop/rock of the Silver Seas. Formerly known as the Bees (U.S.), the group formed in Nashville, TN, with John Deaderick (bass) and David Gehrke (drums) rounding out the lineup. The band's self-pressed debut disc, Starry Gazey Pie, was released in 2004 and received support from such influential radio stations as Boston's WFNX and L.A.'s KCRW. This, coupled with a national tour alongside Guster, enabled the group to release a follow-up, 2006's High Society. Cheap Lullaby signed the Bees (U.S.) in April 2007, and the Nashville band changed its name to the Silver Seas that September, citing a legal conflict with the British outfit A Band of Bees. The following month, Cheap Lullaby re-released High Society. -AMG


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Hebridean Monty said...

Oh,yes!See what you mean by ''70's inspired''...this is hot white sand and sparkling blue sea on a grey,wet Friday afternoon...playing this along with The Go-Betweens 'Spring Hill Fair' and to keep that 70's vibe,Matthew's Southern Comfort 'The Essential Collection'...then Moods for Moderns...


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