Friday, September 9, 2011

Amateur Lovers - Virgin White Lies - 1997

With their sugary harmonies, sophisticated song structures and fiendish hooks, Amateur Lovers filters '70s gloss like Billy Joel, Supertramp and 10cc through the raggedy ethos of post-grunge Seattle. After working the Seattle club scene, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard signed them to his Loosegroove Records label. Released in late June, "Virgin White Lies" brings back the halcyon junior high school days of teacher crushes and first love blushes in 12 delightfully hummable tunes.- Dave Ford


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The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Hi Curty Ray!

Did you have Cirrone up as a SS? If so...holy crap that is some good stuff ther.

Thanks - TWDM

Hebridean Monty said...

Oh,God...teacher crushes!What can a poor boy do?I had 5...count'em!...5 Goddesses torturing me daily and I'm still walking funny at 56 yrs. of age...diggin' this!


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