Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Wake Ups - Wanna Meet the Wake Ups - 2002

With feel-good power pop and snappy songwriting, the Wake Ups follow in the footsteps of acts like Big Star and Cheap Trick, but never make the mistake that many of their contemporaries fall prey to -- pop/punk. Nope, the Wake Ups maintain a crunchy, Beatles-loving, retro sheen, and while not as original as, say, Brendan Benson, songs like "Can't Believe My Luck" recall Big Star's "September Gurls," while "Second Time Around" resonates with a '70s countrified flavor. The Wake Ups can do a little glam rock, too ("Nobody Slows"), but they never seem to simply be rehashing old territory. By the end, despite all the different influences, the sound of Wanna Meet the Wake Ups can come off a little homogenous, but this record is a substantial debut that forecasts good things to come. -AMG

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Peter said...

Hey, Curty Ray: This album is also known as The Actual Size by The Scruffs. Believe it or not, they're both the same album. I posted a song from The Wake Ups/The Scruffs on my blog which explains (almost) everything.

bglobe313 said...


This is good stuff. I originally picked this up at the great Disc Diggers store in Somerville, MA.

Check it out. (And my understanding, as Peter indicated, is that this is the Scruffs with a different name. For some reason.)


bglobe313 said...

Oh, wait, it's a DIFFERENT Scruffs. Now I know nothing.


Phat said...

These links all point to a file named 'Ten Years After'. I assume the Tommy Keene album?

Regardless, a great album and thanks for a kick ass site.

Craig S Mullins said...

Seems like this has a lot of pops and skips in it... gonna download it again and try again.

billybadbum said...

Yep, this is an Aussie band, the album was first released on Rock Indiana in Spain in 2001 (when the band toured there with fellow Sydney power-poppers the Pyramidiacs) under its original title The Actual Size; the following year, for the Oz release, the band were obliged to change their name to avoid confusion with the (Memphis) Scruffs, hence the knowing wink in the revised title...main movers Ryan Ellsmore and Matt Galvin played their first show in 8 years just last week in Sydney with a new lineup, once again billed as the Scruffs, although for how long is anyone's guess...


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