Monday, May 30, 2011

Lucky Bishops - Lucky Bishops - 2000

Boasting a big, highly melodic psychedelic sound, the Lucky Bishops' debut shows a very ambitious and talented group of artists. Almost sounding like a British equivalent of an Elephant 6 band, the Lucky Bishops' craft texturally dense compositions that show off their excellent group harmonies as well as their proficiency in an impressive array of instruments. Opening with the whirling organs of the anthemic "Stratosphere," the album quickly switches gears into the acoustic Lennon-esque intro of "Right Direction," which soon melts into being a sunny, uptempo, psychedelic pop song. Certainly, elements of the Beatles are heard frequently enough, as well as touches of the Beach Boys and the Who circa The Who Sell Out. The schizophrenic tempo changes of "I'm Convinced" fit well with the more straightforward Brit-pop of "Ashtralia," which, when added to the more progressive elements of their music, amounts to a very challenging and listenable debut. Overall, a very sonically pleasing album which shows considerable promise. -AMG

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