Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Routes - Alligator out now on Dirty Water Records

There’s a huge number of great bands in Japan right now and one of the best is right here, right now on Dirty Water Records. With a sound that’s tough, breakneck yet soulful, there’s also real proper tunes coming from this trio. Yeah, this is freaked-out 100mph fuzz-bucket guitar garage rock’n’roll, and all executed with more than the usual amount of frenziedly primitive zeal, but it’s all delivered by people who actually know what they’re doing, who know how to play their instruments. This is no thrashing around garage-punk-by-numbers.

Their debut album “Left My Mind” was released in 2007 on Motor Sounds Records. The band then released their debut single on Dirty Water Records(UK) in April 2010 and in March 2011, their version of "Stormy" on Groovie Records .

Now, Their new album "Alligator" is out on Dirty Water Records.

The Routes are on



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monkeymanmoi said...

Yes. BIG Yes. That YouTube vid you posted is incredible (even with the awful one channel sound). Thanks for hipping me to these guys!


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