Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Freddy - Things You Never Thought I'd Say - 2003

Freddy's influences are under the surface, a mix of old and new. From the Beatles to Elton John to Marvin Gaye to Oasis, the result is fresh and captivating. Country music influences from childhood battle with Britpop influences from Freddy's years of living in the United Kingdom, when Pulp, Suede, Blur, Oasis, and the Stereophonics ruled the charts, and Craig David was just emerging. From the first time you listen, you get that tingle in your spine. Because the four right chords can make you cry, and when it's right, the first time you hear it will feel like forever. Acoustic meets electric, dark meets light and opposites blend seamlessly.

This special blend is now available in "Things You Never Thought I'd Say", the debut album by Freddy. The album's 11 songs were written over the course of ten years and represent the diversity and depth of Freddy's writing. It is a mix, and some songs are alike while others aren't. Listen with heart, mind, and gut, for they speak to all. From the edgy strings of "Apart", to the soaring chorus of "Let It Go", and the deep soul groove of "Secret", the album speaks in many ways but in one style: Freddy style. As you listen and enjoy, you find that genre becomes much less important than the music itself. -CD Baby

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