Thursday, April 28, 2011

Billy Childish - In Blood - 1999

An excellent addition to the catalog of British garage-punk, icon Billy Childish teams up here with chanteuse Holly Golightly of thee Headcoatees. Her group is the female companion to his legendary Headcoats, and the duo share a passion for the monotony of lurching mono-chord riffs. Hence, In Blood is a concept album based around a message -- that three chords is too many. Backed by the Medway Delta Review, the band is effectively the Headcoats with the addition of Johnny Gibb of the Wildebeests. The group burn through a series of variations on the E chord -- staggering the beat and twisting the riff into every possible variation within the formula. The duos combined voices and lyrical wit make In Blood a kind of post-punk Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra affair. A compelling highlight in the expansive cannons of Billy Childish and Holly Golightly this comes highly recommended. -AMG


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