Sunday, March 20, 2011

New single "Daybreak" from City Reign released

The song writing pair Chris Bull (Vocals/Guitar) and Michael Grice (Guitar) met four years ago at a Ryan Adams concert, having both recently moved north from London. Having spent years writing and playing in bands going nowhere, the two met Michael Glaze (Bass) and Sam Jones (Drums) to complete the new line up. The band took the name from the Adams song, ‘City Rain, City Streets’.

'Daybreak’ has long been a fan favourite, its original recording being the title track of the band’s early demo, The Daybreak EP recorded with Grammy nominated producer Dan Parry. The band have since chopped down the song’s lengthy outro, leaving the punchy pop classic on the current record.

This is the second single from City Reign and can downloaded  from:
or to purchase physical CDs over at
Daybreak by cityreign

Also the b-side is a live session recording of the song "The Line" Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

Curty Ray, Heading out again, and will be back soon. Best, KRILL


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