Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleeper - Smart - 1995

"Inbetweener" is an intoxicating single. Fuzz guitars, light harmonies, singsong melodies and hooks keep piling up until the whole thing collapses in a heap after three minutes. Unfortunately, there's nothing that matches it on Smart, Sleeper's debut album. Occasionally, Louise Wener comes up with a memorable hook, melody, or lyric, but never can quite pull them together into something as well-crafted (and sexy) as "Inbetweener." Still, the flashes of inspiration scattered across Smart prove Sleeper has potential -- which they have already fulfilled once, with the single. - AMG


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Matt said...

I was listening to this the other night and was bummed to realize that I'd ripped it at 128...
Now my life is just a little better.


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