Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Davenports - Speaking of the Davenports - 2000

Although immediate comparisons to both Fountains of Wayne and Semisonic come to mind, the Davenports have taken subtle college power pop to an infinitely pleasing level. While Speaking of the Davenports may not be quite as immediate and bracing as records by the two aforementioned artists, all the same tools for success are in place; the lyrics are slightly tongue-in-cheek nostalgic fodder, and the songs are hook-filled and infectious. In the disc's twelve tracks, quite a bit is represented; there's rockin' pop songs like the full-throttle "Object in the Mirror" and "Dog Run" (both of which feature excellent lyrical ideas, as well), ballads like "I'll Come Down" and "Girls Night Out," and excellently-written, unconventional pop songs like "Keep Me Far Away From Gary." Speaking of the Davenports is really another fine debut from another fine band who continue to keep power pop an ever-evolving and thriving subgenre. -AMG


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bglobe313 said...

This is REALLY, REALLY GOOD. I've got shelves of power pop and this is among the best of the unknowns. Seriously.

Ace K.


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