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The High Dials - A New Devotion - 2003

The High Dials story begins in 2003, when their debut album, "A New Devotion," was released worldwide on NYC-based Rainbow Quartz Records. A wopping 18 songs, ranging from soft, pastoral pop to groovy, garage rave-ups, told the tale of a mysterious and troubled boy known only as "Silas" and his attempt to escape evil powers in a nightmarish city of the future. Drawing on everything from science-fiction, old comic books, movie soundtracks and psychedelia to Trevor’s garden- the album came off like some dark kaleidoscopic cartoon, a soundtrack to a movie that has still not been made. A New Devotion won great reviews and enjoyed college radio success in both Canada and the US. They got tons of airplay from Little Steven, a big fan, on his nationally syndicated radio show the Underground Garage. They hit the top 5 in Canada on the national college radio chart and cracked the U.S. top 50 reaching 42 on the CMJ Top 200 and 31 on the Core Top 75. They made a name for themselves as a strong live act touring North America and were opening acts for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kaiser Chiefs and Sloan. In 2004 they released a 6-song EP, "Fields in Glass" with remixes of the title song by Davy Love and Will Caruthers (Spaceman 3, Spiritualized) and Mike Musmanno (Lilys). They performed at Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival in New York with the Strokes, the Stooges and New York Dolls. In March 2005, the New York Post and Spin magazine both listed them as one of the top ten "must-see" bands at SXSW.
Meanwhile, the High Dials worked in secret on their highly anticipated follow-up. They recorded tracks in rehearsal spaces, barns, apartments and Blue Rodeo`s Toronto studio before finally deciding to join forces with Joseph Donovan (the Dears, Marlowe) as co-producer in Montreal. The end result is "War of the Wakening Phantoms," another patchwork of contrasting moods and tones that holds together in vibe without another buried storyline. Mixed by Dave Bianco in L.A. (Teenage Fanclub, Frank Black, Jayhawks), the new album is full of ghost stories that surge with sadness and optimism- bright and melancholy psychedelia touching on rock n' roll's timeless themes: heartbreak, longing and idealistic joy. "War of the Wakening Phantoms" was released in Canada in June 2005 and it went promptly to the number one spot on the college radio charts. Following its July release in the US, the album won glowing reviews from the All-Music Guide and Spin magazine. The band are currently on tour somewhere near you!


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