Friday, August 6, 2010

The Early Hours - Evoloution - 1997

Fans of Dom Mariani`s DM3, The Stems, Hoodoo Gurus and most Australian power pop will have a big `ole find on your hands here! Song-after-song is filled with passion and an irreverent spirit that makes it a good, loud blast of garage pop rock `n roll as the entire albums slips, slides and sizzles with care and commitment. Shouting harmonies, bolstered by juicy melodies and hammering rhythms are encountered everywhere on the album. -Not Lame

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Powerpopster said...

Many thanks for this one!

chorse said...

Years ago I read about them on Not Lame site and was intrigued by the connections with people like Hoodoo Gurus and Dom Mariani, but I was and am unable to find any material on the web to have a listening.
An updated repost of this record would be very welcome. Thanks.

Curty Ray said...




chorse said...

I started listening to it with some expectations that were not fully met, surely a decent record but not a masterpiece; more on the garage side than pop. I'll have further listenings, but don't think they're going to change my first impression, because doesn't seem that kind of record which requires many listenings to be appreciated in full. Thanks again for the updated links.

Silversuit said...

Almost a masterpiece for me. Doesn't get much better than 'We Ain't Connected'.


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