Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Smile - Brighton Pier - 2003

The Smile was born one steamy afternoon in the queue of a dingy Mexican airport. Named in a very roundabout way by Irish author Frank McCourt ( so roundabout that he'd no idea what you were talking about if asked... ), so was the birth of a pop music project delivered by singer/songwriter Ron Vail, drummer Dave Ferrara and bass player Ken Bussiere. The three friends had just jumped off the QE2 and were heading back to the states after having played backup for British pop idol, Peter Noone. Ron had some songs that were itching to get out and he knew that comrades Ferrara and Bussiere would help him make it so. Besides, he was holding the airline tickets and left them no choice.
The three musicians had worked together in different bands and lineups and have through those years developed a keen groove and appreciation for 60's influenced Brit-Pop and smooth Philly Soul as all three grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
Recruiting the talents of fellow musician pals Dan McKinney and Jon Mcnamara, The Smile recorded the "Brighton Pier" cd at Dan's House Recording Studio in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and a jolly good time was had by all, and we think it shows in the songs you are about to hear. So get ready for the sound you've been longing for, know what I'm saying...right? Hey, c'mon!! You gotta listen, groove and SMILE!!! -CD Baby



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POPPHIL said...

Thanks for the amazing job you're doing.
There is a technical glitch on tracks #7 & 9, though.
Could you consider reposting the wonderful SMILE CD, please?

Curty Ray said...

Fixed the glitches and re posted. Enjoy

POPPHIL said...

A million thanks.

Jessepop said...

many thanks for this very good Cd !


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