Friday, November 20, 2009

The Spongetones - Odd Fellows - 2000

Power pop isn't dead, it's just middle-aged; the Spongetones have been leading purveyors of the genre for almost 20 years. And the fact is, power pop has never sounded better than it does on their first album in five years; the hooks on their Gadfly debut beat anything they ever released on the Black Vinyl label. "Beatlesque" is the term that pops inevitably to mind, what with those juicy-fruit chord progressions and that hint of a fake British accent ("boy meets gull," etc.). But the Spongetones deliver their pop confections with the weight and momentum of a Detroit muscle car -- song titles like "On the Wings of a Nightingale" and "Nightsong" notwithstanding, the general tone here is crunchy and loud. -AMG

The Spongetones - Odd Fellows - 2000/rs

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KRILL said...

Love these guys! Great post Curt!

JC said...

The Spongetones are amazing! They have had several albums out, however, since Odd Fellows. Notably, Too Clever Bt Half in 2008 and Scrambled Eggs in 2009. Additionally, Jamie and Steve of The Spongetones recently released their first duo CD, English Afterthoughts. They also returned from a tour of Tokyo, Japan, a few weeks ago. There's lot of info on their blogs: and


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