Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sparkwood - Jalopy Pop - 2005

Sparkwood is the latest recipe to emerge from Bart Padar's musical kitchen. With a new batch of ingredients including Mark Doroba (Three Years Ghost), Mike Reynolds (The Sleepwalkers, Violet Crown), and Sean Crooks (The Alice Rose), the band serves up a savory blend of pop-a-licious delight. Peering inside of Sparkwood's crock-pot of musical influences one will find a history of scrumptious morsels like The Beatles, Jellyfish, Queen, ELO, and Ben Folds. Their live shows are a junket of mellifluous fun. The boys in Sparkwood LOVE what they do and their performances are a vibrant celebration of this fact. They clearly share their collective enthusiasm with all who attend their shows. Heavy meals? No way! Sparkwood heads straight for dessert, their melodies a bundle of candy-coated excitation. Currently they're merely a secret treat but Sparkwood aspires to share their delectable creations with the rest of the world. The obvious consensus: Sparkwood is a fluorescent feast for the senses!

Sparkwood - Jalopy Pop - 2005/rs
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Rolf said...


Anonymous said...

brilliant album...any chance of you having their follow-up, the Japan-only "Kaleidoscopism"?? any case, thanks for the excellent blog and all your hard work...cheers....K

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - I had purchased this album through iTunes, which recently got corrupted so that it couldn't play any protected music, so it's good to have it back. I too would love to see "Kaleidoscopism" posted.

Anonymous said...

Curty R,
Was looking forward to Secret Saturday... but alas... Hope all is well with you. This is hands-down the best blog going. Please keep up the magnificent work.

Anonymous said...

Like Anonymous above..I too look forward to Secret Saturdays..but for some reason there isn't one this far..but Saturday is almost over so it's not looking good....hope all is well...Ajay


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