Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Fidelity - Tiny Slivers - 2007

The New Fidelity creates their own brand of 60's influenced Mod Power Pop which helps them shine through the smog of Southern California's indie rock sprawl. The NewFi takes the stage in well-tailored suits and play well-tailored songs about real things.
Taking a heap of Britain ala Small Faces, Who and Beatles with a cupful of soul by way of Motown and Stax, adding a dash of punk from the Clash and the Jam, The New Fidelity uses tight vocal harmonies and upbeat rhythm to make their audiences want to get up and dance.
Using Long Beach as a base of operations gives the NewFi access to all of Southern California allowing them to secure residencies from Safari Sam's club in Hollywood down to the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa while playing for faces in every town in between. The NewFi can also be found at dance clubs and scooter rallies mixing it up by playing the same Mod and Soul classics that the DJs spin along with their own originals peppered in. -CD Baby

The New Fidelity - Tiny Slivers - 2007/rs
The New Fidelity - Tiny Slivers - 2007/sb

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Anonymous said...

This is the best thing I've heard in quite some time. Thanks for sharing!


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