Monday, November 30, 2009

The Come Ons - Stars - 2006

The Come Ons emerged in 1999 featuring ex-Gore Gore Girl Deanne Iovan on bass, vocals, and vintage organ, guitarist Jim Johnson, and Dirtbombs drummer Patrick Pantano doing double duty behind the Come Ons' kit. While their dance-y, soul-inspired grooves were an immediate sensation in Detroit, the band didn't debut on wax immediately. The group's popularity in Detroit wasn't surprising; after all, the Come Ons drew liberally from the classic D-Town style guide of punk, girl group, and rave-up revivalist R&B. -AMG


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Anonymous said...

"let me be" is flawed (at 2:06).

Curty Ray said...

Anonymous, if that is your real name, the links have been repaired


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