Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Knack - Serious Fun - 1991

Only half of this album title is factually correct, and it's a good thing: a "serious" Knack would be a big mistake. As for the "fun" part, that's right on the money; Serious Fun is an utterly unpretentious slab of power pop that has the emotional depth and artistic merit of a Little Lulu comic book. Musically, the songs are neat little packages of appropriately crunchy guitar hooks and harmonies, with all the Beatlesque elements that make the knack so beloved by their fans and hated by their detractors. The production, by Fieger's old high-school buddy Don Was, is terrific, adding some sorely needed oomph to Prescott Niles' bass and Billy Ward's drums and giving the whole thing a more vibrant presence than any of the Knack's first three albums had managed. -AMG

The Knack - Serious Fun - 1991/rs
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Shriner said...

This album, "Zoom" and "Normal as the Next Guy" are all very, very good albums. "Serious Fun" probably is the harder rocking of the three.

If anybody has a copy of Fieger's solo album (which I believe is out of print now?), I'd love to hear that one.

Tommy said...

as always, great stuff

so's this:

kamagra said...

I didn't know them, although, I will download it. I am a specialist in music and it'd be nice if you can bring me some tracks. I really want to hear something new.


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