Friday, September 18, 2009

Richard X. Heyman - Hey Man! - 1991

In the early '90s, Richard X. Heyman exemplified the type of artist who enjoys rave reviews from rock critics but doesn't break through commercially. The fact that the New York-based singer/composer's second album, Hey Man!, wasn't a big hit commercially certainly wasn't due to a lack of first-class writing. Drawing on influences ranging from Tom Petty and Elvis Costello to the Byrds, Hey Man! is a gem-laden CD that, sadly, got lost in the corporate shuffle. Melodic power pop treasures like "In the Scheme of Things," "Falling Away," and "Bad Business in Town" show just how prolific and thoughtful a songwriter this guy is, and should have made him well known. For power pop enthusiasts, Hey Man! is well worth searching for.-AMG

Richard X. Heyman - Hey Man! - 1991/rs
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Curt, This is one of my favorites from you yet. What a great Disc!

pixelmutt said...

Thanks for the Heyman! reminder


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