Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Myracle Brah - Plate Spinner - 1999

Plate Spinner continues Myracle Brah's talent for straight up power pop; still heavily influenced by Big Star and the Beatles, Myracle Brah honors the bands well with plenty of bouncy, endearing songs and jangly riffs that sound familiar enough to be comfortable but different enough to stand out. The aptly-named album effortlessly achieves a delicate balance of heartfelt melodicism and simmering frustration combined with candid vulnerability and somber lamentation. The aching "Drowning," the pleading "Treat Her Right," and the rollicking "The Seeds Keep Growing Faster" are highlights on an album that's easy to like and hard to dismiss. -AMG

Myracle Brah - Plate Spinner - 1999/rs
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