Monday, September 7, 2009

Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan - 1992

A lo-fi effort cut in a California basement, I, Jonathan returns Richman to the full band setting and manic diversity that recent conceptual efforts have forsaken. Sloppy and wild, the album is a blast from start to finish; among its many concerns are skydiving ("Tandem Jump"), sea life (the surf instrumental "Grunion Run"), nightclubbing ("I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar"), and hero worship ("Velvet Underground"). -AMG

Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan - 1992/rs
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mandotodd said...

Dude! I JUST NOW realized that you do Hodad Heaven as well. Good show, bro!!

Both are GRRRRRReat blogs!

mandoTodd from Calgary

edlorado said...


Dave said...

Hey, thank you for this one!
Really nice blog!

upesupernova said...

Thanks for the album!

Starless said...

Thanks a lot!

Love Kpop said...

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