Friday, September 25, 2009

The Jellybricks - Soapopera - 1999

The Jellybricks gained a good deal of exposure through "International Pop Overthrow" appearances and friendships with other well-known power pop acts, and Soap Opera is a convincing portrait of the band's qualities. Fairly crisp arrangements and catchy songs -- such as "Speechless," "Fingernails," and the title track -- distinguish this album as a move forward into radio-ready territory. While occasionally Soap Opera suffers from muddy production or indistinguishable material, there is more than enough here to satisfy the average pop fan. And the Jellybricks' lyrics and general outlook -- symbolized best by the disclaimer on the back of the CD ("The music found here is an appropriate accompaniment for dancing, staring at the walls, light snacking, and many other activities") are refreshingly upbeat and jubilant. While not perfect, Soap Opera solidifies the Jellybricks' deserved place in the late-1990s power pop revival.-AMG

The Jellybricks - Soapopera - 1999/rs
The Jellybricks - Soapopera - 1999/sb

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Thanks. Yes, I hear radio ready here.


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