Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jeff Larson - Swimming in the Make Believe - 2006

Jeff Larson is the sound of California pop, conjuring the wisp of a summer's eve, the light breeze of an affecting melody, the warmth of the sun sliding across a clear, cloudless day. Larson continues to be a marvel, raising the bar with each new release. With the heartfelt Swimming in the Make Believe, he has surpassed even himself, waxing a dozen gorgeous songs unmatched in their beauty... The players, from producer Hank Lindeman, who contributes various guitar parts, to Beckley's America partner Dewey Bunnell and Chicago's Robert Lamm help bring these songs to glorious life, but it is Larson who makes them shine in the warm California sun. -Alan Haber, Pure Pop)

Jeff Larson - Swimming in the Make Believe - 2006/rs
Jeff Larson - Swimming in the Make Believe - 2006/sb

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Anonymous said...

I Have all of Jeff larson's Albums and love them all. I pre-ordered his new one too. Great music.


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