Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Evan Hillhouse - Evan Hillhouse - 2006

Evan Hillhouse is an 18-year old songwriter who has recently made his debut in the world of pop music. The solo album started when he and his brother, Erich, wrote the foundation of the ten songs (the two were recovering from their previous ill-fated band, The Objectives, in which Evan was the drummer). By the summer of 2005 the songs were ready to be recorded and for reasons known only to him (lunacy, the challenge, or the need to save time and money), Evan wanted to play all the instruments on the album himself. Thankfully, by this time, he was proficient in almost all the instruments he wanted to use in the songs, and some, like the theremin and accordion, were picked up along the way.
The end result is an interesting blend of power pop and melodic rock, with influences including Jellyfish, Harry Nilsson, The Beatles (duh!), and Radiohead. Evan produced it himself as well, adding to its distinctive sound. -CD Baby

Evan Hillhouse - Evan Hillhouse - 2006/rs
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