Monday, October 5, 2009

B.B.B.'s - The Best of the B.B.B.'s - 1998

This is an oddly fascinating record, as it covers the nearly two-decade career of a band all but unheard of outside of a 25-mile radius of Rochester, NY. As such, Best of the B.B.B.'s, Volume 1 shows why it is that some local bands stay local. This is not to imply that this band, a power pop group led by singer-guitarist Luther Holtzman, who's the only constant member on these tracks, is without merit or talent, merely that there's a notable lack of world-beating ambition on display here. These 25 tracks, recorded between 1982 and 1997, include such parochial standbys as a Christmas single (actually two of the best tracks here), a radio jingle for a local business, and a snippet of live tape recorded at a dance marathon at the University of Rochester. Holtzman's other songs are genial guitar pop along the lines of the Raspberries, Shoes, or other Beatles-fixated power poppers of the '70s, and they too have the relaxed "this is just a hobby" vibe of a guy making records intended to please no one but himself. In an age where most albums are micro-managed and focus-grouped down to the tiniest detail for maximum commercial impact, this genuine indifference is quirkily satisfying. -AMG

B.B.B.'s - The Best of the B.B.B.'s - 1998/rs
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YankeeBoy said...

Greetings and welcome back. Glad to see you've resolved your technical troubles.

Todd said...

Glad to see you're back... Thought we'd lost you!

Private somewhere said...

here is the link to download our music.

eveden is psychedlic pop based on the french riviera. We were 3 and now the ba,d move to 6 members. this is our 4 early tracks.
hope you'll enjoy its
eva = eveden


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