Monday, May 18, 2009

The Respectables - The Respectables - 2005

The Respectables came together in early 2004 to write and record a timeless rock and roll record featuring hook filled pop songs with smart lyrics and white hot guitar solos. The Respectables combine equal elements of power pop, glam rock, roots rock, and classic rock to create their version of the truth. -CD Baby

The Respectables - The Respectables - 2005/rs
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Some info on the guitarist.....

Although not a household name on an international level, Guitar Joey Gaydos has nonetheless forged a lengthy and notable career in the local and highly competitive Detroit rock scene. Gaydos started his career in the early 1970s with local Detroit bar band Mugsy. After one local single, Gaydos and the rhythm section of this band became the core group of Cub Koda's post-Brownsville Station project, Cub Koda and the Points. The Points project produced one album, a couple of singles and an EP, all featuring Gaydos and Koda as a formidable guitar team. Mugsy reformed after the breakup of the Points, and with new personnel quickly coalesced into Weapons, featuring a much tougher, more metaloid stance. When Gaydos decided to move on, he formed the band A.Z.U.R., recording the album Rock Like Pigs with some of the members of Weapons. Since the 1990s, he has kept a lower profile, musically moving in a much more bluesier direction with his own group, Guitar Joey and the Best, and working again with Koda in a revived version of Cub Koda and the Points and still laying down machine gun riffs and bluesy bends like no one else. ~ Elmer Valo, All Music Guide


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