Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mondo Topless - Take It Slow - 2006

After titling their second album Go Fast!, Philadelphia garage rock mavens Mondo Topless might seem to be making a creative about-face on their third disc, Take It Slow. But don't let that title fool you -- this is Mondo Topless as fans have always known and loved them, cranking out primitive ' 60s style rawk with lots of Farfisa organ from keyboard man Sam Steinig, plenty of raunchy guitar leads from Kris Alutius, and all manner of crashing and bashing courtesy bassist Scott Rodgers and drummer Alex Beisker. The guys in Mondo Topless would doubtless agree that they're not exactly reinventing the wheel with this stuff, but they do a really good job of blending an authentic garage sounds with enough buzz-off attitude on numbers like "Beer" and "Can't Dig It" to give the Mummies a run for their money, and the group writes songs that move and groove with the best of 'em. And at less than thirty minutes in length, you can't say that Mondo Topless wear out their welcome with this disc. Put Take It Slow on your stereo, crank it up, open a case or two of the malt beverage of your choice, and you'll have a party of lease-breaking proportions in no time; Mondo Topless are a band spoiling for a good time, and they'll let you have one too if you give them half a chance. -AMG

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