Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Marigolds - Wild - 2001

Hitting the stage for the first time at one of Perth, Australia’s best known venues in 1985, it was not long until The Marigolds began to draw attention to themselves with their endlessly diverse range of song craft and musical styles. The Marigolds output represent good tunes, wide open pop, a bit of garage, and a smattering of country overlapping sixties flower-pop. Just like their namesake, they bloom and then they die. “Wild” contains almost all their recordings on one CD. -Zip Records

The Marigolds - Wild - 2001 pt1/rs
The Marigolds - Wild - 2001 pt2/rs

The Marigolds - Wild - 2001 pt1/sb
The Marigolds - Wild - 2001 pt2/sb Rate this posting:


allie G said...

OMG, marigolds r awesome, even though i'm not even a teen yet i know about them, lol. guess why? my daddy waz a member of the marigolds!! hehe, awesome i know people =D i can't believe ou haver them on your blog!!

Anonymous said...


The Marigolds ~ Wild! [2001]

1. Waiting In Line
2. Lying Again
3. Little Black Egg
4. Shame On You
5. Valentine
6. Slaughter Street
7. Dreams
8. Ain't It Hard
9. Today
10. Seasons
11. Cindy
12. Can't Help Myself
13. In It For Love
14. Chains
15. I've Had Enough
16. Feel Of You
17. Sticks And Stones
18. Let Me Guess
19. Girlfriend


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