Friday, April 24, 2009

The Other Kids - The Other Kids - 2005

If American midwestern 80s guitar pop is your cup of beef, this is definitely for you. Sporting an incredible array of catchy, natural flowing songs, expansive sound, clean guitars, warm and natural vocals, courtesy (on their first two records at least) of Butch Vig`s pre-fame days as a local producer. Not as influenced by the Replacements as has been reported - they actually share the 'feeling' or 'vibe' rather than the music - this is certainly a less sloppy bunchkeeping things clean and consistent all the way. Alex Chilton-esque melodies over chiming/jangling guitars are everywhere.. An almost flawless collection, obscure, outstanding and excellent. Keep bringing those gems out of nowhere! -Bucketfull Of Brains

The Other Kids - The Other Kids - 2005 pt1/rs
The Other Kids - The Other Kids - 2005 pt2/rs
The Other Kids - The Other Kids - 2005 pt1/sb
The Other Kids - The Other Kids - 2005 pt2/sb Rate this posting:


gomonkeygo said...

Gawd! I can't believe you have The Other Kids up! I'd completely forgetton about them - used to see them all of the time in Madison, fer criminy sakes.

They were really fun live, harder rocking than they ever transmitted to tape, but they produced some damn solid tunes.

Thanks much!

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