Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Feature - V/A - Who Are Those Guys ? v.4

Here is number four in the continuing series of Who Are Those Guys? PPO has searched all corners of the Earth to find and share with you music from unknown and lesser known bands. Most people have never heard of these groups, but now you have the opportunity to enjoy and savor every note, beat, and rhythm. Now get out and support these hard working artists.

The Beat Seekers - Haling from Americas Heartland, The Beat Seekers bring us their brand of infectious Power Pop. Thier debut disc, Dead Air Radio, was recorded at Gravity and Full Motion Studios in Chicago, IL with producer Matt Opal. "Dead Air Radio blurs the lines of lo and hi-fi using both analog and digital means to capture a subtle theme that is auditory, as well as conceptual". Translated... You will dig this!

The Popzillas - A compelling mixture of loud guitar chords, Lolita-like vocals, and melancholic harmonies. Its touching melodies and the voice of lead singer Yvy Pop can break ones heart. Super sound, super voice! Absolutely worth listening! Do yourself a favor and add The Incredible Adventures of Pandora Pop to your collection!

The Genuine Fakes - There’s a brand new band in town! Well not new, formed in late 2005 in Stockholm, The Genuine Fakes pack a Power Pop Punch and some cool mustaches too. Think "Todd Rundgren/Utopia meets Cheap Trick meets Jellyfish". Get the picture? Good! Now go and show your support and your mustache!

Tahiti 80 - Based in Rouen, Normady, Tahiti 80 produces Pop with a Northern Soul twist. The spirit and sound of this music is uplifting to say the least, a little bit of 70's mixed in with a refreshing 60's sound, this is a keeper. Tahiti 80 has just released their fourth album, Activity Center. Check them out and find yourself a new "favorite" band.

Slingerland - Lead by édric Conti and Jérôme Durand, Slingerland bestows upon us dense, adventurous arrangements and amazing, ear-catching melodies that are reminiscent of early Arthur Lee and Love. You just can't listen and not fall into their groove. This gifted group from the French Riviera is currently unsigned.

The Linchpins - A fiercely independent psychedelic power pop trio formed in the summer of 2006 and born in sleepy Shepherdstown, WV. The Linchpins play rock and roll influenced by the British Invasion of the 60s that chewed up American Roots Music and spit it back across the pond as Heavy Soul... Unsigned, Their D.I.Y. aesthetic is the foundation of their beliefs.

Thenewno2 - What do you get when you combine Dhani Harrison (son of George Harrison) and Oliver Hecks? Proof that the "Apple" does not fall far from the tree. A spacey '60s psychedelia sound punctuated with hypnotic beats and captivating vocals successfully blend many styles and is unshakably --> strong on every cut. The new album You Are Here has just been released and would look great on any collectors shelf.

I Fight Dragons - I Fight Dragons is Chicago's finest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. They have very detailed delusions of grandeur, most of which include gross misuses of Nintendo products in combination with music in the Popular Rock genre. Man what a concept...and their music is cool too! I Fight Dragons released their debut EP, Cool Is Just A Number in February. Get it!

Wonkavision - Wonkavision, a powerpop band from Brazil, produce sunny tunes filled with stories about idiosyncrasies of day-to-day human relationships. The guy who can't stand his job, the teenager on antidepressants, the rejection junkie girl who only falls for the wrong guys. Good stuff from way down in South America. Grab their self titled disc that has been re-released.

Tony Cox -A strong contender for my top 10 of 2009, Tony Cox is a songwriter and musician fron England. With the help of friends Nigel Clark and Darren Finlan, Tony has put together an 11 track debut called Unpublished. A mixture of 60's pop with influences from The Beach Boys to the Kinks, just to name a few, it has been difficult to remove his disc from my player, Check it out for yourself! You will not be disappointed.

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thanks for this and the work it must have taken. It is very much appreciated as always. cheers / bk

KC said...

immediately downloaded Tony Cox from eMusic....thanks for the heads up!!

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