Friday, April 3, 2009

The Love Me Nots - ... In Black & White - 2006

The Love Me Nots from Phoenix, Arizona, have released one hell of an album, produced by Mr. Jim Diamond on their very own Atomic A Go Go label. Two real stylish hot chicks and two smart guys dressed in black suits have come up with one of the wyldest garage-punk platters of the last few years. With a big fat organ sound and a tremendous fuzz explosion, they blow the earwax outta your auditory canals. Chaunteuse Nicole has a great soulful voice, backed by an extremely tight and pounding rhythm section that makes you wanna dance from the beginning to the very end of this excellent record. All you garage-heads and beat-freaks out there, buy this CD! A true must-have for all fans of bands like The Staggers, The Cynics, The Lyres, ? & The Mysterians and Fortune & Maltese. - Soundflat Records

The Love Me Nots - ... In Black & White - 2006/rs
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RYP said...

Hey Curty Ray,
a REAL treat! Never heard of till now - you know what I like! On 19th of April they have a show in my area (Solingen/Germany) and sure I'll be there!
There is another album out I just discovered, "Detroit"...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

RYP beat me to it - DETROIT was in my top 10 last year.

Great band only getting better.


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