Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Krinkles - Three Ringos - 1997

Matty says..."I'm thinking "Three Ringos", [I] would love to see you put it up! Let me know what you think. You never know, some of your fans might dig it..."
Matty Krinkle

The legendary Krinkles have honed their crushing glam/power pop aesthetic to perfection. Described by enthusiastic fans as the most eye-popping rock act to come out of Chicago ever, these guys go balls-out to win over fans with their high-energy live show and superbly crafted pop rock. With two critically praised albums to their credit (Three Ringos & Revenge Of The Krinkles), along with ample years of tiring road-work, these four talented young men are always amazing.

Thanks for sharing Matty!

The Krinkles - Three Ringos - 1997/rs
The Krinkles - Three Ringos - 1997/sb
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