Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Its! - The Its! - 2006

A seamless updating of the new wave era, specifically that brief point at which the hottest band from the American South was the dB's and not R.E.M., the self-titled debut from Chicago's extravagantly punctuated the Its! is quirky and catchy in equal measure. The best songs, like the jittery "Take a Number," blend singer/songwriter Maciej Padowski's wide-eyed and boyish vocals with jangly guitars and ricky-tick organ over an amped-up rhythm section that keeps threatening to move things leftward into Gang of Four-style dance-rock. Lesser material keeps the overall sound but lacks the essential spark of melody and lyrical wit that shines through tunes like "You're Not My Girlfriend" and "Wake Up." Still, at a time when it seems like most young bands have followed the Strokes and Interpol into rehashing the best of the U.K. post-punk scene, it's refreshing to hear a group stick up for the Americans. -AMG

The Its! - The Its! - 2006/rs
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jim kosmicki said...

Is this different from the 2005 album that the review talks about? the AMG review shows 17 tracks, but this download (at least the RS version, only has 8 and none of the titles match up.

I really like this one -- a good sound, although I'd say it's more like 90's powerpop revival than Gang of Four...

jim kosmicki said...

I think this is a different band, after doing a bit more research.

I think this is an EP by a spinoff band from Too Much Joy

Curty Ray said...

You are correct Jim! In my haste to post some music while I was on vacation, I posted the wrong it's disc. Thanks for bring this to my attention

Curty Ray


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