Tuesday, April 28, 2009

George Burton - Inturim - 2007

George has literally been playing in bands “forever and has gained a wealth of experience on the live circuit and in the recording studio. Song-writing has been an important creative outlet for George ever since he figured out how to play his second chord. A self-taught guitarist, he soon moved onto piano, drums, bass, vocals, and more recently the ukulele and sitar! George works
as a solo artist, bringing musicians into each project "as and when required". He developed his skills as a studio engineer and producer during his time as a band member and key driver of their musical project and his intuitive flair in both areas is evident in the quality of recorded output. George has also worked as a radio producer and engineer in sessions with international artists
such as Paul Weller, Crowded House, Joan Baez, Gabriel and Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook, during the Freakpower period. Interim is George Burton's second album recorded at Beatbox Studios in Glasgow in the mid 1990's.

George Burton - Inturim - 2007 pt1/rs
George Burton - Inturim - 2007 pt2/rs
George Burton - Inturim - 2007 pt1/sb
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genesis315 said...

hi curty ray love his album "1965" would also like to hear this. any chance of reupping this please, many thanks, anthony


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