Friday, April 10, 2009

The Frampton Brothers - I Am Curious (George) - 1991

The Frampton Brothers' debut album is a bit lacking in the production department; the sound leans to the thin side, and Sean Lally's guitar lacks the punch it deserves. But the band's very real charm is on prominent display, and Ed Masley was already proving himself to be a songwriter of distinction. If his reedy voice doesn't sound like a typical rock star's instrument, Masley's lyrics work overtime to illustrate he's no rock star; he commiserates with losers lost after high school, wonders why his girlfriend had to have sex with one of his favorite songwriters, thinks about Brian Wilson's creative fate, and refuses to go dwarf bowling with his brain-dead friends. I Am Curious (George) is funny and thoughtful throughout, and if the songs deserve better production values, the melodies are there if you listen.-AMG

The Frampton Brothers - I Am Curious (George) - 1991 pt1/rs

The Frampton Brothers - I Am Curious (George) - 1991 pt2/rs
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thanks for this. just a note though: the i am curious sharebee file is actually from the previous day's post.


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