Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Cells - Mayday - 2006

The Chicago band the Cells consists of singer/drummer/guitarist Cory Hance, drummer Randy Payne and guitarist Pat McIntyre. The group's debut, We Can Replace You, emerged in the summer of 2002 and featured revved-up rock and snotty pop-punk topped off by the pre-pubescent-sounding vocals of Hance. The members of the Cells, who are veterans of such local bands as Dead Man's Wallet, Nine Day Wonder and Box-O-Car, originally moved to Chicago during the 90's, inspired by many of the acts that had emerged in that city. Hance and Norwegian bass player Brede Hovland formed the group in 1998. The Cells eventually fell into a solid lineup after Hovland dropped out to pursue a career as a movie producer and Payne and McIntyre stepped in. Frequently, guest bassists such as Rick Ness (ex-Figdish) and Skid Marks (Box-O-Car) have rounded out the combo. The group got together with Andy Gerber (Caviar, Local H) of Million Yen Studios to record their 2002 debut, which was released on the California label Orange Recordings. -AMG

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