Friday, July 11, 2008

The Winnerys - ...and The Winnerys - 2004

The Winnerys' first widely distributed album is spirited, competent power pop, though hardly as epochal as its influences. It's thick with guitar-dominated songs with vocal harmonies, perhaps with a greater Merseybeat influence than most such bands bear. The songs, most likely to the surprise of no one, are mostly about feeling good and being in love, with a hearty optimism charging even the songs about heartache and longing. They like to go into the upper vocal register, but they're not Paul McCartneys or even Allan Clarkes (of the Hollies) in that regard, sometimes showing some strain at the top of the arc, though not ear-gratingly so. Some lyrics reflecting a modern attitude do slip in that likely would have not found a place on pre-1970s recordings, like the note that "I was so f*cking busy" in "The Guy With Two Houses," and the intro couplet "I'm writing this song for the girl that I love, she owes me my records, I owe her my soul" in "Even More Than Myself." As on a lot of power pop records, while superficially Beatlesque music may be at the center, there are passing references to different sounds — the Who, the Byrds, the Hollies, Badfinger, even a bit of early-'70s Rolling Stones in "The Guy With Two Houses." And "Little Dark Cloud" has a bit of a Kinks-like ironic, wary bounce, standing out as one of the more memorable tracks by virtue of its difference among more amiable surroundings. -AMG

If you like "...and The Winnerys" get it here!

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wkc said...

too bad these guys broke up after only 2 excellent releases. Maybe we will hear more from some of them down the line. An excellent album imo. thank you for sharing

Argenis said...

yeah it sucks they broke up, their songs are really great, I was wondering if you have the other album Daily Urban Times and If you can upload it, it would be great, anyway thaks for share this great album


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