Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Superscope - Torpedo -2003

Superscope are the quintessential (i.e great one) post Beatles, post garage, post mediocre pop band. Sweet and hard. . . . somewhat like. . . .a lollipop. Quintessentially Australian, the rich, loud open chord that echy here will remind listeners of classic bands like DM3, The Chevelles and Pyramidiacs. After releasing many EP`s over the last 6 years, their full length is here! Woo-Hoo and it`s cause for celebration for pop fans worldwide. This is pure adrenaline infused power pop. Muscular workouts with happy guitar-based melodies and hooks that exquisite may just bring a tear to your eye. -Not Lame

If you like"Torpedo" get it here!

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